Matos Heavy Duty Towing Service

Matos Heavy Duty Towing Recovery Service
Matos Towing & Recovery offers Reading, PA the finest Heavy Duty Wrecker Services around. 24/7, we're on call to get you moving!

As the COVID-19 crisis extends across America, many of us have been asked to stay indoors to do our part in stopping the spread. For a certain few, this is not an option. Some professionals are on the front lines, tasked with caring for the sick, and others -like trucking professionals- are responsible for transporting essential products to grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals throughout the nation. 

This is crucial for America’s infrastructure, and a service we’re counting on now more than ever. Primary product that are essential for basic living flow through America’s highways like blood through veins, and over 330 million citizens are counting on commercial trucks and their drivers. Inevitably, trucks will break down, but truck drivers up and down I-76 & I-78 can rest assured that Matos Towing & Recovery is there for them when their trucks breaks down.

Matos Towing & Recovery is equipped to handle all of your heavy-duty towing needs. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable, and understands the importance of handling semi tractor trailers, and their cargo, with utmost care. We’re specialized in heavy winch outs and recoveries, and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done.

Based out of Reading, Pennsylvania, Matos Towing & Recovery is your go-to for all heavy-duty tow truck needs along the Interstate 76 and Interstate 78, and beyond. Licensed, bonded, and insured, Matos Heavy Duty Wrecker Service can help in the most difficult situation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Load shifts, Regens, diesel truck towing, commercial truck lockouts, heavy-duty truck recovery, and winch outs; Matos Towing & Recovery has you covered. Our team won’t stop until we complete the job, following CDC guidelines to ensure our drivers and customers are safe.

We may see a shortage of personal vehicles on the road now, but that doesn’t hold true for the trucking industry that is out there making sure Americans are fed, clothed, and have the medical equipment and medicine needed to keep this country running strong.

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